Storm Warden Assault Marine


Homeworld: Sacris, I don’t like to talk about it.
Personality: Always has faith in the Emperor, trusts he will show the right path to walk. Believes a lot in honour and duty. Tries not to look back on sad things or regrets.
Reason in Deathwatch: He was chosen by his chapter to be sent to Deathwatch as an honor and way to train his skills and become a better fighter.
Opinion of Deathwatch: He believes it is a great chance to become better and stronger. He also thinks it is a great honor to play a vital role for the Imperium.
Desires: He desires to be chosen by the Emperor. He fights for glory and honor.
Hates: Kestir hates heretics to the god Emperor. He seeks to kill the heretic Space Marines to honor his fallen brothers.

Past Event:
During a cleansing of a planet Kestir helped Brother-Apothecary Valer fight for his honor. It was against a huge greenskin invasion on the planet of Maldric. They were in the same rhino. It held three tactical marines, three assault marines, and the one apothecary. They were suppose to scout out the area ahead before the greenskins arrived, but they didn’t know the orks already were here. They were ambushed. The rhino was stopped dead in its tracks and then hit with a rocket on the left side. A huge hole was left in its place and tactical marine Uldraur was killed instantly. Responding instantly the apothecary tried to get his gene seed and succeeded while the other two tactical marines jumped out and started fighting back. The assault marines readied their jump packs and launched into the enemy lines. They started to make a good push back against the ork raiding party. Tactical marine Dalreel voxed for assistance and a Storm Warden predator and razorback responded and would be there shortly. But then two of the assault marines was smashed to death by a bigger ork with a giant spiked hammer. Valer started urgently charging to save his battle brothers but was having problems getting through the orks. Kestir told the tactical marines to cover him and the apothecary while the tried to push towards their fallen brothers. Orks by the dozen were getting killed either by bolter rounds or Kestir’s chain sword. Valer successfully got their brothers geneseed. Kestir then jumped at the Ork Nob. He flew right to the left of the nob and swung his chainsword through its abdominal area. The predator and razorback then came up and supported the squad to finish the fleeing orks.


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