Dark Angels Tactical Marine


This is my story or what I can remember at least:
It was an unusual day we had just gotten rumors that one of “them” was on a planet nearby. So we were quickly dispatched, and by “we” I mean my 6 battle brothers and me. we made up an elite Raven wing bike squadron, all of us were hardened veterans of countless wars. The chapter thought…. assumed we could handle just 1 of “them”. When we got close to the location were he was suppose to be we saw a titanic mountain and thought he would be there. At least someone was right that day although I wish we weren’t. The rumor had it that he had been hiding in the base of the mountain since the fall of Caliban hiding, training, becoming stronger than we could have imagined. We started charging forward towards the base of the mountain our adrenaline pumping cause after all this is what our whole life was about now, and not just ours but our whole chapters life as well. As we were closing in at incredible speeds we saw him emerging from the mountains base. He was blurry at first we could not make out an image. but as we got closer I recognized the armor it was an earlier style of my own armor. At that point I new we were not dealing with a mere fallen no this was a fallen Librarian…. But just as I was about to warn my brothers a warp portal opened up in front of us and before we knew what hit us…. 3 of my brothers got caught in the swirling vortex one of them being our squads apothecary Calibos. My brothers and I moved at even more increasing speeds hoping, praying maybe if we got close enough we could take him in combat. All of a sudden I saw a bolt of energy go whirling past my head hearing nothing but the gargantuan explosion behind me.I looked to the left at my brothers when all of a sudden my two brothers to my left burst into flames their bike exploding in an instant. I raised my sword ready to strike when with a slight flick of his hand I was thrown off my bike slamming into the ground. Then….. all I saw was my oldest friend, brother Benthor lifted off his bike into the air with a slight arm raise. I.. I could have done something but I just sat there watching in horror as the Librarian closed his open hand into a fist I could see my friend… The life being crushed out of him until the Librarians fist got as tight as it could. Then Benthor exploded into a cloud of blood and gore. Then I was over taken by a sense of rage and I ran to my bike and messaged my ship telling them we needed reinforcements asap. Then I turned to the Librarian who just staring at me watching my every move. Then all of that rage in side I let loose into 1 finale attack. He quickly countered my attack with one of his own and for a few seconds, which felt like a lifetime, we were evenly matched but I was no match for him he had more time, knowledge, and forbidden power. I tried to fight but defeat was inevitable. His psychic blast went straight through my chest and I fell to the ground. I just sat there staring at the sky asking why, why, why was I not strong enough, why? Then I saw the Librarian he was towering over me he reached his hand out until it was hovering over my face and then everything went dark. Then out of the darkness I saw these visions, images you could say. At first I did not know what they were, there was just talking, the voices I could not recognize. I later found out that the images I saw were much more than just random things they told a story, a story of hatred and jealousy. A tale that would turn 2 friends into worst enemies. Almost a thousand decade old story of lies, lies that could even make angels fall from the grace of the Emperor and become prey for the Lion. I woke up in a laboratory all I could see were servitors scrambling everywhere. An apothecary approached me I could tell by his voice he was surprised to see me awake. He told me to come with him someone wanted to talk with me when, if, I woke up. We entered a large chamber I knew the chamber I just could not remember it or anything for that matter. When we entered there was a tall figure standing in front of me, it was Belial master of the deathwing. He quickly congratulated me on my survival and apologized for the loss of my brothers. He ensured me that they will not die in vain. I quickly asked him if they captured the fallen. He turned his head and told me no. He said when they teleported to the ground they saw nothing but burnt corpses and bikes. then they caught a glimpse of my finale battle with the psyker. He told me it must have taken a lot of bravery to stand up to a foe like that. I asked him if he saw anything else and he told me that after I dropped to the ground they all fired at the Librarian but their shots just bounced right off of him. Then they saw him walk over to me and put his hand over my head. Belial told me at that moment he charged the Librarian and just as he was about to swing…. he just vanished. After that the apothecary came over to me and fixed me up enough so that I could be transported to the ship. After he told me that I asked him if he could answer my questions and I told him about all of the images and voices. He told me that one day I would receive my answers but not until then. Then I asked him what do I do now then he told me that I am to be placed in the deathwing for my bravery. I asked him what that was. Then he just looked at me like I was stupid and then he said something I was not expecting. “What do you remember?” I thought about it for a second and said nothing other than that day. He sent me back into the apothecary’s care. Once they realized there was no brain damage they asked me what I wanted to know about myself. So I told them nothing but my name. Why you might ask yourself it is simple there is a reason I can only remember one thing. Because for me nothing else matters my whole life from here on out is to bring justice for my brothers and I will hunt down that fallen angel and all others like him. For such acts of treason cannot be forgiven, nor forgotten! I will never give up even in death I will keep searching! I later found out I that not only was my memory taken from me but so was my ability to use the warp. I was just like all the other space marines. Except for one thing I had an ultimate purpose to find that fallen angel and bring him to account for his actions. From that point on I worked harder than any other. I excelled through the ranks of the deathwing and one day found my self in the inner circle. Belial was right one day I would find the answers I was looking for. You might ask yourself how all of this has to do with the deathwatch. Well it is simple the inner circle needs eyes and ears everywhere to report back anything on the fallen angels. And when they do the chapters fury will be upon them in no time at all. My name is Gradin, I am a Dark Angel and the eyes and the ears in the watch.

“In Brightest Day,
In Blackest Night,
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight.
Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Delight
Beware My Power
The Lions Might!”

What was your homeworld like?
I do not remember.

What is your personality like?
Not sure what I was like before that tragic day… But now my personality would be stoic and ambitious. because no challenge is to great for me not as long as it brings me closer to my goal.

Why were you selected for the Deathwatch?
Because I could trusted with the task of being the eyes and ears in the watch.

What does the Deathwatch mean to you?
It is hopefully a way to get me closer to my goal but other than that nothing.

What do you desire?
I desire to bring the Fallen to account for their actions!

What do you hate?
What do I hate? I hate the Fallen and all who are like them!


Eternal Valor Cherokee